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High altitude and low pressure test chamber

This test box is designed for UL, EN, IEC and other standard test requirements. It can reach the low-pressure storage state of the sample in a short time, and can automatically control the test cycle, monitor the air pressure change in the box throughout the process, and realize the automatic termination of the test. The simulated cells and battery packs are stored for 6 hours under the conditions of a pressure equal to or lower than 11.6kPa and an ambient temperature of (20±5) °C, if the battery has no leakage, no venting, no disassembly, no rupture and no fire, and every The open circuit voltage of each experimental battery or battery pack after the test is not less than 90% of its voltage before the simulation experiment, which is qualified.


1. Internal pressure structure of main box structure;

2. Temperature and humidity control system: fan, heater, evaporator;

3. Refrigeration method: mechanical compression binary refrigeration system;

4. Vacuum unit: rotary vane vacuum pump;

5. Control panel: temperature, humidity and pressure control display, over temperature. Protection device, light switch.

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