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Flywheel Speed Tester

It is suitable for torsional fatigue, bending fatigue, rotational fatigue, fatigue life, bending life, torsional stiffness and other mechanical properties testing of automotive flywheels.

①Store energy and stabilize the speed. The flywheel stores a part of the work lost to the crankshaft in the power stroke with its own rotational inertia, which is used to overcome the resistance in other strokes, and drive the crank connecting rod mechanism to cross the top and bottom dead centers. Possibly even and make it possible for the engine to overcome short-term overloads.

② is the driving part of the friction clutch, which is engaged and disengaged with the clutch, and its function is to transmit the rotational force of the engine to the driving wheels through the transmission.

③A flywheel ring gear is installed on the outer edge of the flywheel, which meshes with the drive gear of the starter for starting the engine. In addition, the side of the flywheel edge is engraved with a sign indicating that the 1st and 6th cylinder pistons are at the top dead center, which can be used as a basis for checking and adjusting the ignition timing of the engine.




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