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Electronic atomizer smoking machine

This machine is used to test electronic atomizers and e-liquids. It adopts cylinder-piston inhalation. By setting the corresponding smoking duration, smoking volume and smoking times, it can determine whether the electronic atomizer is qualified or not. It is suitable for small cigarettes.


1. Each electronic atomizer sucks according to the set mouth volume;

2. The "mouth shape" of the suction determines the speed at which the air passes and when the device is triggered to operate;

3. The duration of the suction will affect the immediate air flow rate, and the duration can be changed;

4. The resulting vapor is captured by a glass fiber filter in the O-ring sealed holder (99.9% retained particles > 0.3 micron size)

5. A certain amount of smoking smoke is collected on a glass fiber filter at a known interval;

6. In addition, other distribution methods (absorption bottles) can be used for trace analysis;

7. Weigh the gripper before and after the test to determine the total amount of accumulated vapor;

8. The extraction holder or filter can separate water, nicotine and propylene glycol;

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