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E series vibration testing machine

Widely used in defense, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobiles, home appliances, and other industries. This type of equipment is used to find early faults, simulate actual working conditions and structural strength tests. Sine wave, plagiarized frequency, sweep frequency, programmable, frequency multiplier, logarithm, maximum acceleration, amplitude modulation time control, full-function computer control is simple, constant acceleration/constant amplitude r equipment has been tested and sailed for 3 months without failure. The performance is stable and the quality is reliable.

Precision shell gauge manufacturing, small size, overtime sound work; machine base is made of high-quality materials, easy to install, run flat, no need to install anchor screws; control circuit digital control and display frequency, PLC adjustment function, make the equipment work more smoothly Fixed and reliable; frequency sweep and fixed frequency operation mode, adapt to the test requirements of different industries; add anti-interference circuit to solve the interference of strong electromagnetic field on the control circuit; add working time setter, so that the test product can be connected to the accurate test time.



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