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Small shaker

A permanent-magnet, wide-band small vibration table, small size, large exciting force, can realize vertical and horizontal multi-directional vibration, and has the outstanding advantages of convenient operation, compact structure, stability and reliability. The vibration equipment designed and produced by advanced technology has realized the high performance and high reliability of the product. The structure of the general-purpose vibrating table is mainly composed of a driving coil, a vibrating table moving system, an elastic supporting part of the moving system, and a magnetic circuit part.

The small precision vibration test system has the characteristics of wide frequency range, large thrust, high precision, stable operation and high reliability. It can truly simulate the impact of vibration excitation on product reliability. It is widely used in stress screening of small components and vibration of electronic components. Testing, piezoelectric ceramics, sensor detection, vibration simulation of small civil structures, energy capture/recovery, teaching and research, etc.



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