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Acceleration Shock Testing Machine

The acceleration impact testing machine is used to measure and determine the impact resistance of the product or package, and assess the functional reliability and structural integrity of the test product in the impact environment. The impact test of conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawteeth, trapezoid wave and other waveforms can be performed to realize the impact and impact energy suffered by the product in the actual environment, so as to improve the system or optimize the packaging structure of the product. The impact test index is: the peak impact acceleration can reach 5000-50000m/s2, and the acceleration duration is 0.2-1ms. You can understand the impact resistance of your products and the use environment according to the impact test results.

Product features:

1. Low pressure cylinder: reverse driving force and brake power all use low pressure cylinder, safe and reliable, easy to maintain.

2. Two pneumatic brake mechanisms: Two pneumatic brake mechanisms work at the same time to ensure that it is reliably locked.

3. Cylinder or segmented spring drive: The cylinder or segmented spring drive, the impact overload value is controlled by adjusting the air pressure.

4. Digital control: After the height setting is completed, the computer automatically controls the height of the table, with high accuracy and good impact repeatability.

5. Special composite table: high performance special composite table, built-in waveform amplifier, easy to use, stable performance.

6. In line with IEC, MII, GJB, JIS, ASTM and other international and domestic standards shock wave requirements.

7. High-performance cast aluminum countertop: Cast aluminum countertop has high strength and hardness and high first-order resonant frequency, low noise, no clutter generation.

Product parameters:



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