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Battery Heat Abuse Test Chamber

Battery heat abuse test box, mainly in the automotive, aerospace, transportation, electronic products and other industries, these industries are faced with a short period of high temperature conditions, so the battery requirements are higher, requiring the battery to withstand high temperature without fire and explosion, battery heat abuse test box can be a good test whether the battery is qualified, but also greatly reduce the daily use of battery safety risks.

Test purpose:

The battery heat abuse test chamber is to simulate the battery is placed in a high temperature chamber with natural convection or forced ventilation, and heats up to the set test temperature at a certain heating rate and maintains a certain time. The hot air circulation system can ensure the uniform distribution of operating temperature.

Test method description:

After the battery is fully charged according to the prescribed test method, the battery is placed in the test chamber, and the test chamber is heated at the temperature rise rate of (5±2)℃/min. When the temperature in the chamber reaches 130℃±2℃, the temperature is kept constant for 30min, and the battery should not burst into flames or explode.

Security protection system:

1, overtemperature protection system: when the temperature is out of control, exceeds the set temperature of the overtemperature protector, automatically stop heating and power supply, so as to protect the safety of your products and machines;

2, circuit protection: grounding protection, fast insurance, break switch, etc.

Inner box size: D400*W400*H400mm Outer size approx. : Take physical objects as the standard
The heating controller is: SSR solid state relay has no contact Heating material: High temperature resistant heating tube
Temperature range: RT+30~200℃ Heating rate: About 30 minutes at 100℃
Control accuracy: Plus or minus 0.5 ℃ Display accuracy: 0.1 ℃
Inside the temperature deviation distribution uniformity ±2.0℃%. (no-load test)
Operation panel: The control panel is located above the machine Opening method: Single door opens from right to left
Internal material is: 430 mirror plate, 1.0mm thick The external material is: Cold rolled steel plate, thickness 1.0mm, powder baking paint treatment
Separation layer: The inner box can be layered, with two mesh plates Insulation material: High temperature resistant rock wool, good insulation effect
Door sealing material: High temperature resistant silicone strip Timing function: Instrument automatic timing function
Voltage: 380V 50/60Hz Power: 4.5 KW
The machine is equipped with movable brake casters, which can be moved and fixed
The left side of each box with a diameter of 50mm through the line hole, with rubber plug, and cover
Plus explosion-proof chain and pressure relief port


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