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How to Improve the Work Efficiency of Three Coordinate Measuring Instruments

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With the increasing demand for measurement accuracy in CNC and automated machine tools, highly efficient and precise coordinate measuring instruments that have been meticulously processed and manufactured have become widely popular. As coordinate measuring instruments require more and more complex parts to be processed, how can we improve the work efficiency of coordinate measuring instruments?

1. Utilize virtual measurement function flexibly

No matter how expensive a three coordinate measuring instrument may be, it has a certain service life. If it is in a non-stop operating state for a long time, it may lead to a significant decrease in the working efficiency of the measuring instrument. Therefore, in order to improve the work efficiency of the coordinate measuring instrument, it is necessary to use virtual measurement functions. Many testers will simulate the measured state of the product in CAD, and improve the work efficiency of the measuring instrument through pre virtual measurement and offline programming.

2. Accurate installation and debugging

The efficient work efficiency of the coordinate measuring instrument also requires the use of precise installation and debugging functions. If the measuring instrument undergoes negative pressure performance testing, air pressure performance testing, and online performance testing before use, data collection and measurement of items can only be carried out under precise conditions, which will achieve higher work efficiency.

3. Reduce the impact of other interfering factors

Many testers need to select a suitable environment and evaluate the testing conditions before testing. By eliminating the impact of these external interference factors on the coordinate measuring instrument, the accuracy and efficiency of measurement can be improved. Some people repeat several times without obtaining a unified result, which is because other interfering factors were not excluded before the test. Three coordinate measuring instruments have a high frequency of application in the plastic, electronic, and mechanical processing industries, and their high accuracy has prompted more and more industries to explore high-quality three coordinate measuring instruments. Many industries are struggling to improve their work efficiency after ordering, and the advice provided here is to pay attention to the use of virtual measurement functions, precise installation and debugging, and reducing the impact of other interference factors.

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