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Valve pulse testing machine

The valve pulse test bench fully meets the pulse test requirements of check valves, ball valves, needle valves, butterfly valves and other valves. By simulating the actual working conditions of valves in the aviation system, the equipment tests and verifies pipeline joints in accordance with relevant technical standards and requirements. The performance of pipe joints.


1. Pulse test for various valve fittings

2. Servo control system, full computer automatic control

3. Pulse pressure, number of tests and pulse waveform can be set by computer

4. The interface dynamically displays the test data, and draws the real-time time-pressure waveform diagram, the waveform curve is smooth and smooth

5. Real-time analysis and storage are carried out by using the data acquisition software of IN company in the United States, and experimental reports can be generated for printing

6. Complete protection function indication, automatic shutdown of leakage and high pressure, and display of the cause of the failure, easy operation and maintenance



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