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Single vertical three comprehensive test system

1. Structure and materials

2. Inner box material: mirror stainless steel plate (SUS 304 thickness 1.0mm);

3. Outer box material: stainless steel (thickness 1.0mm);

4. Insulation layer design: effectively avoid condensation on the top of the box;

5. Thermal insulation layer: thermal insulation layer (hard Polyurethane foam, 100mm thick);

6. Box door: single-piece door, single window, left open. Flat recessed handle, back button: SUS #304. The double-channel heat insulation is tight and airtight, effectively isolating the heat exchange inside and outside the box;

7. Observation window: three layers of vacuum glass, easy to observe the test sample.

8. Window anti-sweat: electric heating device to prevent moisture condensation;

9. Lighting design: high-brightness window lighting energy-saving lamps, easy to observe the test product;

10. Test hole: The left side of the body is 50mm in diameter, with 1 stainless steel hole cover and 1 silicone plug (optional multiple or 100mm);

11 machine pulleys: easy to move (adjust the placement position) and use with strong bolts (fixed position);

12. Box built-in racks: 2 pieces of stainless steel SUS #304 square punched steel racks and 2 sets of rails (adjust the spacing);

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