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Horizontal impact testing machine

It is used to simulate the impact test of products in the horizontal direction. For slender products in the impact direction, it needs to be placed in a horizontal direction for testing. To simulate a launch test, a horizontal impact test bench must be used to complete the impact test. The stress damage caused by this frequency of collision damage to the specimen can be determined through tests, and the ability of the specimen to resist fatigue damage can be determined. Applicable to weapons, electrical appliances, instruments and other industries.

1. The SCS horizontal impact test bench avoids the structural limitation of pneumatically driven impact in accelerated and long-distance impact, and can accelerate impact test in a short time on launch specimens. However, in the impact test of the ultra-long launch type, the pneumatic drive test can also be used, and we can configure different energy storage drive equipment according to the special requirements of users.

2. Hydraulic brake anti-secondary impact device, brake the impact table immediately after the completion of one impact. A second shock is prevented so that accurate shock data can be obtained.

3. The half-sine wave generator and the impact table are integrated design, which can directly receive the impact transmission signal through the waveform generator, and the obtained impact waveform has reduced harmonics and high precision. A powerful damper is installed behind the horizontal shock table, which can effectively improve the safety performance brought by the high-energy shock.

4. The SCS horizontal impact test bench is guided by a good guide shaft and carried by a guide rail, so that it can be accurately guided and has a long service life. Users can set the impact distance through numbers according to the requirements of the test piece.



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