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Handheld waterproof test device

The damage to products and materials caused by natural water (rainwater, seawater, river water, etc.) causes incalculable economic losses every year. The damage caused mainly includes corrosion, fading, deformation, strength reduction, expansion, mildew, etc., especially electrical products are prone to fire due to short circuit caused by rain. Therefore, it is an indispensable key procedure to conduct the shell protection water test for a specific product or material.

1. It is suitable for the waterproof level test of the product.

2. The shower head is processed by numerical control process (CNC), the shower head is made of pure brass material, and the surface is mirror-polished, like a bronze mirror, beautiful and fashionable, and corrosion-resistant.

3. The movable baffle is made of aluminum alloy (fully in line with the requirements of standard materials), and the surface is first sanded and then anodized, which is beautiful and durable.

4. The surface of the shower nozzle is sprayed with anti-rust coating, which can prevent the watermark on the surface of the nozzle from producing patina and affecting the appearance.

5. The stainless steel pressure gauge is used, the surface diameter is 40mm, the precision is 2.5, and the display is intuitive.

6. Numerical control is added to 121 holes, the aperture and angle fully meet the standard requirements, and can be tested and certified by a third-party measurement unit.

7. Water spray method: hand-held, can be directly connected to tap water.

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