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Computerized Multi-Function Servo Tensile And Compressive Strength Tester

It can be tested with a variety of materials. In terms of paper packaging materials, a variety of paper quality tests are carried out, namely ring compression (RCT), flat compression (FCT), edge compression (ECT), adhesion (PAT) and general compression. (CMT) and other 5 kinds of tests, is a test equipment that combines multiple functions.

1. According to the speed test, setting the speed dial of the unscrewing machine during the test requires research and constant adjustment;

2. The machine must be connected to 220V 50 ± 5%, a good foundation in the field;

3. Open the main switch panel, electrical panel, the display will automatically open the program;

4. It is important to confirm that the machine's security plan, the site is justified;

5. Press the button to test the speed;

6. The center has been placed on the table, press zero, key value, and then press down to start the test;

7. Do not test in direct contact with the upper and lower plates or metal samples;

8. During the test, or in special cases, the employee can be identified immediately by the stop button.

9. Display the pressure that bears the signal of the top plate sensor and the current value of the pressure. Press to erase the zero number on the display



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