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Chair Comprehensive Tester

The whole machine is composed of high-quality aluminum alloy material frame, which can test various dynamic and static stress strength and endurance fatigue of wooden furniture such as tables, beds, cabinets, chairs, stools, and tables by changing the number of fixtures and cylinders.

1. The material used in dark precious hardwood furniture is hard and heavy, and the product is a mortise and tenon joint frame structure. Therefore, the aluminum profile frame of the testing machine should be strengthened in strength compared with the commonly used machine, and the frame base should also be thickened. The thickness of the steel plate shall not be less than 15mm.

2. Use compressed air as power to push the cylinder to exert force on the furniture under test. The pneumatic control box should be able to control 12 sets of pneumatic outputs. The actions of a certain cylinder can be set individually, including single and reciprocating multiple times, and two-by-two coordinated actions can be set for reciprocating tests in the same direction and in different directions.

3. The cylinder should have a reliable and effective stroke adjustment device to ensure that there is no overshoot or overshoot during the cylinder action.

4. The number of tests can be arbitrarily set between 0 and 999999 times. After reaching the set value, it should automatically stop, and the test results should be automatically retained when the intermediate stop or power-off stop.

5. The mechanism should be equipped with solenoid valve, pressure regulator, oil filter and water filter, and position sensor, etc., which can automatically sense whether the test piece is damaged or not and have the function of automatically stopping the test.

6. The testing machine adopts intelligent comprehensive control and closed-loop control of load cell forming force. Using computer control, the test force, the number of tests and the maximum test force can be set, and the test force and the number of tests can be directly displayed in real time.

7. Equipped with buffer cylinder to ensure constant air pressure in each channel.

8. The unattended experiment is basically done. After the test is completed or the test piece is damaged, the test should be automatically stopped, and an alarm display will be provided, and the test results will be automatically retained.

9. Multi-specimen test can be carried out at the same time according to the functional configuration.

10. The testing machine is equipped with a complete set of accessories such as gravity pressure block, impact head (hammer), loading pad, and stopper.

Size 9500*3000*3000mm
Force sensor 0-3000N, with calibration data sheet
System force measurement accuracy tatic: ± 0.1%, dynamic force: soil 0.3%
Test times 0-999,999 times can be set arbitrarily
Test speed 10-30 times/min can be set arbitrarily
Stop mode stop and alarm when the number of tests is reached
Optional air compressor
Standard configuration Equipped with a complete gravity pressure block, impact head (hammer), loading pad, and stopper.


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