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Box type UV accelerated aging test chamber

The UV aging test chamber can simulate the hazards caused by sunlight, rain, and dew. UV uses fluorescent UV lamps to simulate the effect of sunlight, and uses condensed moisture to simulate rain and dew. It can simulate three different natural environments and set Cyclic procedures, testing over a period of days or weeks, can reproduce hazards that occur outdoors for months to years.


This product uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamps that can best simulate the UV spectrum in sunlight, and combines temperature control, humidity supply and other devices to simulate sunlight that causes discoloration, brightness, intensity reduction, cracking, peeling, chalking, oxidation and other damage to the material. (UV segment) High temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark cycle and other factors, at the same time, through the synergistic effect between ultraviolet light and moisture, the single light resistance or single humidity resistance of the material is weakened or invalid, so it is widely used for weather resistance of materials. Performance evaluation, the equipment has the characteristics of providing the best sunlight UV simulation, low cost of use and maintenance, easy to use, the equipment uses a program controller to automatically run the test cycle, high degree of automation, good lighting stability, and high test results reproducibility.

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