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Battery Weight Impact Testing Machine

After the battery is fully charged according to the test method of 4.5.1 specifications, install the battery on the surface of the platform, and place a metal rod with a diameter of 1.58mm±0.2mm horizontally on the upper surface of the geometric center of the battery. A weight with a mass of 9.1kg±0.1kg is used to hit the surface of the battery with a metal rod from a height of 610mm±25mm in free fall and observe it for 6h.

Equipment features:

1, automatically lift the weight, and adjust to the required height automatically stop.

2, according to the test automatic drop hammer to complete the test.

3, the box adopts double-layer protection function.

4, the inner box exhaust fan, high temperature explosion-proof light.

Product parameters:

Falling weight 9.1kg±0.46kg (20±1 lb) and 10kg
Impact height 610 mm and 1000mm (The limit can be adjusted freely) The maximum test height is 1000mm
Height display Through the altimeter display, accurate ±5mm
Impact mode The falling ball is lifted to a certain height and released. The falling ball falls freely in the vertical direction without tilting or shaking
Horizontal bar 15.8±0.2m(5/8 in) steel bar
Interior material SUS #201 stainless steel plate, 1/3 of the place with iron fluorine adhesive tape, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation easy to clean
Outer box material Cold-rolled plate paint treatment, thickness of 1.5mm
Air vent It is located on the back of the box, with a diameter of 100mm and an external diameter of 110mm exhaust duct, which is convenient for external high-power exhaust fan in the laboratory
The maximum battery size can be measured 250*250*250mm
Box door Single door, toughened glass observation window on the door, cold handle door lock, box door with silicone foam pressing strip
Upper and lower impact surface 45# steel paint treatment; Thickness 15mm
Protective device Upper and lower limit protection switch, safety stop, located at the bottom of the weight, to protect in case of sudden power failure
Lighting installation Easy to observe the state of the test
Visual window 250mm*250mm
Use power supply 1∮, AC220V, 3A
Power supply 700W
Weight (approx) About 150kg
Volume product (approx) 700x800x1650mm (Length x width x height)




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