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Super UV Aging Test Chamber


Scope of application:

The super ultraviolet aging test chamber is dedicated to the anti-aging test of materials, which is used to evaluate the resistance of the polymer and surface coating of the material under test to the aging effect of natural factors such as ultraviolet light, wind, rain and dew. These effects include discoloration, fading, brightness loss, embrittlement, strength loss, cracking, chalking, etc. Super UV aging test box has high intensity ultraviolet radiation, through the super UV aging test box can be real and reliable simulation of these natural factors, a few days to a few months can simulate outdoor months to a few years of aging, reliable aging test data curve can make accurate prediction of the weather resistance of the product, conducive to the selection and optimization of materials and formulas.

Product advantages:

1.high luminous efficiency, less lamps with the same irradiation area, lower power consumption;

2.the lamp life is very long, the actual use of the average more than 4000h, low cost of consumables;

3.more than 10 years of professional light research and use experience, the world's leading technology;

4.China has nearly 10 years of trouble-free operation record, suitable for long-term uninterrupted operation;

5.more than 40 optical simulation patent technology;

6.intelligent control of cold capacity, continuous adjustable, low unit energy consumption:

7.modular design, easy maintenance;

8.Timely after-sales response, large equipment holdings, perennial accessories storage.

Product features:

The UV autostretch probe is one of the patents of the sunshine simulation equipment developed by the company. It extends and retracts according to the required UV data acquisition time, avoiding additional exposure to ultraviolet rays during the period that does not need to be collected, speeding up aging and reducing service life.

Specification parameters:

Ambient temperature and humidity: +5~+35℃/<80%RH

Irregularity: <±15% (base level)

Temperature fluctuation: <±1.0℃

Temperature deviation: <±2℃ (no load)

Condensing method: water cooling/air cooling

Standard: Viewing window, sample holder, UV probe, temperature probe, internal lighting, USB interface, lead test hole (with silicone plug)

Optional configuration: external socket (220V 10A), electronic load, automatic scanning system, LAN interface and remote control program

According to the standard: The design and manufacturing of the product have referred to the relevant industry test standards, in line with IEC61215 (design identification and type and type approval of photovoltaic modules) test standards.

Irradiation area: customized according to customer test requirements (specimen size, number of single test).

Irradiation intensity range: 500~1000W/㎡

Spectral range: 280-400nm(including UVA+UVB spectral band, no UVc), where UVB/(UVA+UVB) *100% is in the range of 3-10%.

Drive power supply configuration: one-to-one configuration, a set of light source corresponding to an EPS electronic ballast, light stress section 50 "100%.

Operation mode: fixed value programmable mode

Control mode: Chinese color touch screen control; It can provide RS232, RS485, Ethernet communication interface to realize the control of the upper computer.

Recording function: The touch screen displays ambient temperature, component temperature, UVA measurement value, UVB measurement value, cumulative running time, UVA irradiation dose, UVB irradiation dose, UVA+UVB irradiation dose, the controller's memory can automatically record the test curve and data, alarm status, data and curves can be downloaded via USB and exported by Excel (within one year).

Auxiliary functions: fault alarm, processing prompt function; Power failure protection function; Temperature upper and lower limit warning and upper and lower limit overtemperature stop protection function; Timing automatic stop function; Power-on self-test function; There are password protected controller Settings parameters.




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