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Programmable control vertical dip coater

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This machine is mainly used in sol-gel method to prepare many kinds of film materials on the same substrate. The different solution is placed on the rotary table, by setting the coating process, the substrate into solution dip coatings, the coating after the rotary table will be just below the solution film under a layer of automatic rotation to the substrate, the substrate drops into the solution dip coating, in order to complete the follow-up film. Films of different solutions, different materials and mixed immersion plating. For example, the 123456 coating can be arranged in sequence according to the solution, or the 136425 coating can be arranged in accordance with the mixing. A single coating process can use up to 6 kinds of solution (material) to make multilayer film. The process parameters such as immersion, coating parameters, solution rotation and interval time of different layers are fully controlled by coating process.

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