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What characteristics do xenon lamp aging test chambers need to have?

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The xenon lamp aging test chamber adopts a xenon arc lamp, which can touch the full sunlight spectrum and reproduce destructive light waves in different environments. It can be used for scientific research, product development, and quality control, providing corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated testing.

Inspection and adjustment of wet bulb water level in xenon lamp aging test chamber: The water level should not be too high, causing water to overflow. If the cylinder is too low, the wet bulb test cloth will absorb water abnormally, affecting the accuracy of the wet bulb. The water level can be maintained for about 6 points. The adjustment of water level in the water tank can adjust the height of the water tank. The xenon lamp aging test chamber is an important means of selecting formulas and optimizing product composition, and is also an important component of product quality inspection. Product standards for plastics, aluminum-plastic panels, automotive safety glass, and other products require weathering tests. It has the following characteristics:

1. The spraying cycle is controlled by a program and can be carried out in the absence of light. In addition to material degradation caused by water, the water spray cycle can effectively simulate rapid temperature changes and rainwater erosion processes. Due to frequent erosion by rainwater, wood coatings, including paint and colorants, can undergo corresponding erosion.

2. Research has shown that when the rainwater layer is washed away, the material itself will be directly affected by UV and the destructive effects of water. The rainwater spraying function can reproduce this environmental condition and enhance the relevance of some paint climate aging tests.

3. Safety protection devices: leakage protection, overload and power outage protection, over temperature protection, audio alarm, water shortage, grounding protection, power outage memory function.

The xenon lamp aging test box body is made of CNC equipment, with advanced technology, smooth lines, and beautiful appearance. The box door has a single door, equipped with xenon lamp filtered glass windows, and there is a water plate under the door, with drainage holes on the water plate. The appearance of the equipment is beautiful and generous. The test chamber adopts an integrated structure, with a studio on the upper left and an electrical control cabinet on the right. The mechanical room at the bottom includes a water tank, a drainage device, a water cooling device, and a humidification and humidity measurement water control device.

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