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Vertical + horizontal vibration testing machine

Simulate vibration environments under laboratory conditions to test impact strength and reliability in a variety of vibration testing applications. In the laboratory, the vibration test machine system can simulate and reproduce sinusoidal, random, resonance search and dwell, typical shock and road simulation modes. It is essential for product quality assurance and new product development. It is specially designed to work for a long time, and the vibration-resistant base can be installed to realize vertical and horizontal vibration. The standard bench is fitted with good pneumatic vibration isolation to minimize vibration transmission to the building, while in most cases no additional foundation is required.

1. Strong suspension system and linear motion guide, strong bearing capacity, good guiding performance and high stability

2. The center load airbag has large static rigidity, small dynamic rigidity, strong bearing capacity, and its performance when the amplitude changes

3. High rate D Class power conversion, 3-Sigma peak current, provides optimized power consumption and low harmonic distortion

4. Rapid self-diagnosis and interlock protection, high degree of protection

5. The airbag isolation and shock absorption device makes the vibration table need no foundation, perfectly reproduces the vibration waveform and reduces vibration transmission

6. Provide different applications of horizontal and vertical expansion platforms

7. The selection of the controller provides easy control



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