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What is the design of a large constant temperature and humidity test chamber system

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The large-scale constant temperature and humidity test chamber uses an intelligent control mode to perform functions such as unit refrigeration, dehumidification, heating, and humidification, as well as indoor environmental temperature and humidity control. Equipment used to evaluate the performance of materials in a variety of situations, including heat, cold, dry, and moisture resistance. Electronics, electrical, mobile phones, communication, instruments, cars, plastic items, metals, food, chemical, construction materials, medical, aerospace, and other products are suitable for quality testing.

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Design of a large constant temperature and humidity laboratory system.

1、 section of control. In several manufacturing and experimental operations, the temperature and humidity of the entire room must be controlled. However, certain manufacturing and experimental areas are frequently need to be strictly controlled.

2、Temperature and humidity as a guide.Fixed values for reference temperature and humidity are required for many industrial and experimental applications. Many investigations, for example, necessitate a reference temperature of 22 °C, but some textile manufacture and research necessitate a reference relative humidity of 65%. There are also some particular experimental methods and climate chambers that necessitate adjusting the indoor reference temperature and humidity within a wide range based on the experimental requirements. It is now important to confirm the scope and timing of its adjustments.

3、 Temperature and humidity accuracy. The accuracy of temperature and humidity usually includes two requirements, namely the time variation and uniformity of a single control point. During the parameter confirmation stage, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of accuracy requirements. Uniformity requirements are generally aimed at temperature accuracy and can be proposed through temperature gradient requirements in both vertical and horizontal directions.

4、 Requirements for fresh air. The requirement for fresh air is usually based on the number of indoor staff. Fresh air has a significant impact on the indoor environment, so the determination of fresh air volume should be as reasonable and accurate as possible.

5、 Reliability requirements. In some cases where the experimental cycle is long or important, there are clear requirements for the reliability of a constant temperature and humidity environment. For example, requiring the system to run continuously for several times. At this point, it is necessary to consider the backup of the equipment.

6、 Other.large constant temperature and humidity test chambers can be used to test electronic medical experimental environments, which not only have strict requirements for purification level, but also require strict control of noise and vibration. It may also be required to maintain a certain positive and negative pressure indoors.

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