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UV aging test box for testing various properties of cosmetics

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Many products in cosmetics involve the requirement of radiation resistance, and the cosmetics industry has always been a hot topic of concern. However, people often overlook the UV aging test box for conducting radiation resistance and other related tests on cosmetics samples. Below are three testing methods for samples:

1. Initial adhesion test: When the sample and steel ball make short contact between the adhesive surface under slight pressure, the initial adhesion test adopts the oblique rolling ball method, and the steel ball is bonded with tape. When the steel ball and pressure sensitive adhesive sample make short contact on the adhesive surface, the adhesion test is conducted to characterize its initial adhesion with the maximum number of steel balls that can be adhered.

2. Adhesion performance: Hang the test plate with adhesive samples vertically on the UV aging test box, and hang a specified weight at the lower end. Use the displacement of the adhesive sample after a certain period of time or the time when the sample completely detaches to characterize the adhesion of the attached label.

3. Peel strength: Peel strength is an important indicator of the adhesive performance of self-adhesive labels. Cut the non drying label into 25mm wide sections using a sampling knife, press the non drying label into the standard test plate using a standard roller, and then pre peel the test plate and test plate. Place the test plate and pre peeled non drying adhesive label into the upper and lower clamps or left and right clamps of the intelligent electronic tensile testing machine for the test plate. Set the test run speed to 300mm/min, start the test run, and calculate the final peel strength KN/M.

The above is an introduction to the testing method for the initial viscosity, holding viscosity, and peel strength of cosmetics samples using the UV aging test box. I believe everyone has a clearer understanding of the UV aging test box for testing the cosmetics industry!

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