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The rupture of the xenon lamp aging test chamber lamp tube is caused by the following reasons

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The xenon lamp aging test chamber can simulate the xenon arc lamp of the entire solar spectrometer to reproduce the destructive nanometers present in different natural environments. In general, according to experimental specifications and methods, it can be divided into several types: air-cooled xenon lamp, cold water xenon lamp, desktop integrated xenon lamp, etc. The differences depend on experimental temperature, environmental humidity, accuracy, time, etc. In the aging test chamber series products, this experimental instrument is indispensable. During use, some devices may occasionally break their lights. Let's analyze the reasons together.

1. After the lamp tube is used, the surface may be dusty, which will generate heat during use, and the surface temperature will rise, leading to uneven temperature heating and cracking.

2. The service life of the lamp tube (referring to normal use) is one year, and even if not in use, its storage life will become invalid due to aging; The service life is 1000 hours (import time is about 1500 hours), which means that after continuous use for 1000 hours, the lighting of the lamp tube is insufficient The spectral curve becomes invalid due to changes (but can be illuminated). It has been more than three years, excluding the time when the manufacturer stored the lamp tubes, which far exceeds their service life.

3.There is no air conditioning or ventilation in the room. The heat generated by the xenon lamp aging test chamber and xenon lamp tube is too large to be maintained at 35 ℃ without environmental cooling, and the lamp is prone to rupture when overheated.

4. There are issues with the design of the xenon lamp aging test chamber, which resulted in contact between the closed end of the fan and the metal, a short circuit between the closed end and the metal, and the fan not rotating, resulting in heat dissipation of the lamp tube. The design of the air duct is unreasonable, and the terminal is located right next to the lampshade metal. There is a phenomenon of closed end aging in the xenon lamp aging test chamber after not using it for a long time.

In view of this, it is recommended to purchase some guaranteed brands when purchasing xenon lamp aging test chambers, as the product design will be more scientific and reasonable. Next is the daily cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of the lamp tubes to ensure the environmental temperature of the equipment.

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