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The following points can be referred to for regulating the Irradiance of xenon lamp aging test chamber

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The xenon lamp aging test chamber can simulate that the main factors causing material aging are sunlight and humidity. The xenon lamp is used to simulate the effect of sunlight irradiation, and the condensed moisture is used to simulate rain and dew. Place the test material in a program of alternating sunlight and moisture cycling at a certain temperature for testing. The equipment can reproduce the aging effects of materials outdoors for months or even years in a few days or weeks. Artificial accelerated aging test data can help select new materials, improve existing materials, and evaluate the impact of formula changes on product durability. How to control the Irradiance of xenon lamp aging test chamber:

It is recommended to regularly inspect and replace the lamp tubes to reduce the impact of lamp tube aging. The xenon lamp aging test chamber will further reduce the spectral change data of specific target areas at 340nm or 420nm through research and use to control irradiation changes.

In theory, light intensity can be monitored anywhere in the xenon spectrum, but only a few bands need to be used. Irradiance control is typically performed in spectral areas sensitive to the material, such as areas where deterioration is expected. In addition, Irradiance control points also vary with different industries and applications.

The 340nm control point is commonly used for accelerated aging tests and outdoor durability product aging tests. Due to the danger zone of shortwave ultraviolet radiation, this 340nm control requires an ultraviolet sensor equipped with a filter. The xenon arc lamp aging test room only allows a narrow band with a center of 340nm. Generally speaking, this is an ideal control point for paints, plastics, roofing materials, etc. The general illumination control point of the xenon lamp aging test chamber is 0.35 or 0.55w/m2/ nm@340nm .

The 420nm control point is generally matched with the window glass filter for indoor light stability testing of materials. For control, UV sensors need to be equipped with filters, and only 420nm is allowed to pass through the narrow UV band as the center. The objects of this system testing are usually these materials, which are mainly damaged by long wavelength ultraviolet and visible light. For example, fuels and pigments in knitwear, paper, and ink. The common Irradiance set point simulated by xenon lamp aging test chamber is 1.10W u002F ㎡\\ u002Fnm@420nm .

In summary, it is recommended to regularly replace the tubes in the xenon lamp aging test chamber to reduce the impact of tube aging. By using sensors that control Irradiance at 340nm or 420nm, the spectral variation in a specific area can be further reduced.

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