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Sharing the correct usage of vacuum drying oven

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A vacuum drying oven is a device used for heating, drying, or treating high-temperature or volatile substances. It can provide oxygen free or low oxygen gas conditions to prevent material oxidation or changes. This device has been widely used in many fields due to its wide range of applications, such as healthcare, scientific experiments, and industrial production.

1、 Preparation before use

(1) Select appropriate drying equipment (model, capacity, etc.) according to the drying requirements;

(2) Place it in a level and stable place;

(3) Connect the power supply, extraction pipeline, and outlet port.

2、 Startup operation

(1) Turn on the host power;

(2) Carefully check the condition of the door rubber ring, close the vacuum exhaust valve, and open the vacuum leakage valve;

(3) Turn on the power plug inside the box;

(4) Press the "Vacuum Extraction" button, connect the extraction pipeline to the dried sample, and start the vacuum extraction operation;

(5) When the required vacuum level is reached, press the "Close Vacuum Leakage Valve" button, close the vacuum leakage valve, and use the "Heating" button to adjust the temperature inside the box. (Note: The vacuum leakage valve should be closed first and then the heating should be turned on);

(6) After waiting for the drying to complete, close the "vacuum extraction" button, open the vacuum exhaust valve, and restore atmospheric pressure.

3、 Precautions for use

(1) The equipment should be used under conditions that meet the environmental temperature requirements;

(2) The joint of the extraction pipeline should be firm and there should be no leakage, otherwise it will affect the experimental results;

(3) Before operation, check whether the door rubber ring is intact, otherwise it needs to be replaced in a timely manner;

(4) During the heating process, the machine should be shut down in a timely manner to cool down the equipment, in order to avoid the failure of the heating element due to overheating;

(5) After use, clean the equipment and cut off the power in a timely manner.

In summary, using a vacuum drying oven according to the correct operating procedures can effectively improve the service life and effectiveness of the machine, provi3ding a reliable experimental data foundation for relevant field experiments.

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