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Maintenance and upkeep of ozone aging test chamber

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The factors that affect the lifespan of ozone aging test chambers include:

The first point is the technology and components used by the manufacturer of the testing equipment, and the second point is the maintenance and upkeep of the ozone aging test chamber used by the customer in the later stage.

1. Maintain a clean and tidy appearance of the ozone aging test chamber at all times.

2. Please do not place any items on the top of the ozone aging test chamber to facilitate the heat dissipation of the motor and control components.

3. After long-term use of the ozone aging test chamber, if abnormal noise occurs in components such as the motor blowing device, it should be checked and attention should be paid to frequent cleaning and refueling.

4. If the temperature of electrical components is too high, the cause must be immediately checked.

5. After each use, the test chamber should be kept clean to prevent corrosion.

6. The control cabinet should be cleaned once a month to prevent excessive dust from affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

7. After the test is completed, the main power should be turned off, the water stains in the studio should be wiped clean, and the test chamber should be kept in a dry environment as much as possible.

8. If the electrical components on the control panel need to be replaced due to malfunctions, please do not disassemble them randomly to ensure the service life of the test box.

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