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How to control the irradiance of the UV aging test chamber?

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In the ultraviolet aging test chamber, the samples are usually placed in an exposed room equipped with ultraviolet lamps to simulate ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. The test chamber is usually equipped with temperature and humidity control systems to simulate the real situation under different environmental conditions. Under a certain period of irradiation, the color changes, physical performance changes, chemical property changes, etc. of the sample can be observed and recorded. So the irradiance of the UV aging test chamber can be controlled through various methods. The following are several common control methods:

1. Light source selection: Different types of light sources can be used to control irradiance. Ultraviolet lamps are one of the commonly used light sources that can emit ultraviolet light. According to the experimental requirements, different types and powers of ultraviolet lamps are selected to control the intensity and wavelength of irradiance.

2. Distance adjustment: Adjusting the distance between the test sample and the ultraviolet lamp can affect the intensity of irradiance. The closer the distance, the higher the irradiance; The farther the distance, the lower the irradiance.

3. Time control: The length of irradiation time can also have an impact on irradiance. The longer the irradiation time, the higher the irradiance; The shorter the irradiation time, the lower the irradiance.

4. Cover filter: Using different types of filters can selectively filter out unwanted radiation wavelengths, thereby controlling the composition of irradiance. By selecting appropriate filters, the radiation intensity of different wavelengths such as UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C can be adjusted.

By comprehensively applying the above methods, the irradiance of the UV aging test chamber can be flexibly controlled according to specific test requirements.

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