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How to choose fixtures for UV aging test boxes?

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The ultraviolet aging test box can be used for non-metallic materials, rubber products, and other products. When exposed to a certain degree of ultraviolet radiation in a closed environment, cracking and aging tests will occur. Therefore, its internal structure should be intact and there should be no looseness, otherwise it will affect the experimental results. Taking the fixture on the testing machine as an example, due to the unique structure of the fixture, users should pay attention to the following points when selecting:

1. When using the fixture for the UV aging test box, the clamping degree should be reliable, there should be no slipping phenomenon, and the use should be convenient and safe;

2. For the test that needs to be carried out in the outdoor environment, there are also many high requirements for the fixture, which should be resistant to both high temperature and ultraviolet, not deformed, and small in size;

3. For materials with large deformation, clamping is difficult due to its large deformation, and fixture design is also a challenge; For high-frequency and large-scale experimental products, both manufacturers and users adopt fully automatic clamping, which can effectively save time;

4. Due to the high hardness of steel wire and steel strand samples and loose internal structure, the force is uneven during the Tensile testing, and the jaw is easy to wear. The fixture of the ultraviolet aging test box has not been solved well. In the past, aluminum foil was used to clamp, and four jaws were used for one test, which is a waste; Nowadays, sandblasting fixtures are used to solve the problem of slipping, but the fracture position has always been unsatisfactory.

Therefore, there are still many challenges waiting to be overcome for fixtures, and we have been adopting new methods to improve fixture performance and improve the quality of testing products.

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