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Characteristics and working principles of the three-dimensional measuring instrument for Longmen Bridge

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The Longmen Bridge 3D measuring instrument belongs to the ACM series of automatic three coordinate image measuring instruments, with excellent self-learning function, making it easy to learn complex workpiece measurement. The three axes use high-performance synchronous belt transmission, unique guide rail design, reliable z-axis anti rotation nonlinear spring, and the automatic three coordinate image measuring instrument has higher environmental temperature adaptability, and is widely used in hardware machinery, metallurgical molds, automotive aviation, electronic textiles Scientific research institutions and other industries.

Characteristics of the Three Dimensional Measuring Instrument for Longmen Bridge

1. Move the gantry structure and fix the measuring workpiece;

2. Adopting high-precision Jinan blue granite "00" level workbenches and columns, its significant features are high precision, corrosion resistance, high strength, and no stress deformation, ensuring the high stability of the machine;

3. The automatic zoom electronic card position lens allows for easy switching of magnification without the need for recalibration;

4. X.Y.Z three-axis CNC automatic precision control and accurate positioning, transmission using precision linear guide rails, grinding level ball screws, ensuring accurate motion system;

5. Programmable 5-ring 8-zone LED surface light source and parallel LED contour light source system, intelligently achieving 256 level brightness adjustment;

6. The independently developed measurement software has fast focusing, automatic edge finding, and diversified output reports, enabling online SPC data processing and analysis. It can set automatic measurement tasks and efficiently complete batch inspections.

Basic Working Principles of Three Coordinate Measuring Machines

Any shape is composed of three-dimensional spatial points, and all geometric measurements can be attributed to the measurement of three-dimensional spatial points. Therefore, accurate collection of spatial point coordinates is the basis for evaluating any geometric shape. The basic principle of a three coordinate measuring machine is to place the measured part within its allowed measurement space, accurately measure the values of the points on the surface of the measured part at three coordinate positions in space. The coordinate values of these points are processed by computer, fitted to form measurement elements, such as circles, balls, cylinders, cones, surfaces, etc., and their shape, position tolerances, and other geometric data are obtained through mathematical calculations.

According to the above principles, a coordinate measuring instrument can be defined as a detector that can move in three directions, moving on three mutually perpendicular guide rails. This detector transmits signals in contact or non-contact ways. The displacement measurement system of the three axes (such as an optical ruler) calculates the coordinates (X, Y, Z) of each point of the workpiece and various measuring instruments through a data processor or computer. During the measurement operation, workers fix the measuring workpiece on a special fixture to ensure that the workpiece is stationary. The sensors of the measuring machine move flexibly through three coordinate axis guides, and the probe system rotates. The measurement software completes the measurement of geometric dimensions and the evaluation of shape and position tolerances. Finally, the measurement report is exported through SPC and the evaluation index values are calculated to monitor the accuracy of the workpiece.

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